Well folks, day 3 of many has come and gone. The parental unit and I did a pretty gnarly amount of nothing. Crazy right? Forgive me for the poor quality of this post. First I was watching cute dudes surfing in gnarly videos and now I'm enjoying some Arctic Monkeys singing about knee socks.
Let's see..where to start on my oh so exciting day. Woke up, worked out, walked on the beach, showered - all the really regular activities thus far on the adventure. The best part about working out/walking/doing literally anything here is that it's SO humid - any amount of work produces a lot of sweat, which makes you feel like you've actually accomplished something when you're actually doing nothing. Rad, right?
Before I came, EVERYONE and their sisters were telling me "Go to Waimea Falls! You have to see the falls! Blah blah blah SEE THE FALLS" So, we drove up the north shore to this "great" experience. You start out by turning down this green and oh so pretty driveway. You park, get out, go to admissions. Here at admissions, you get to pay a sweet 15 dollars for a ticket - that's like a nice shirt at Forever 21. I'm a college student here - gotta be resourceful. Admission gets you into the park  (duh) where you walk the 3/4 trail to the falls. Along the way, there's little exhibits about native plants and ancient ruins, which are all pretty cool, although the way to bore me to absolute tears is to talk about plants.
SO you walk and walk, all while getting devoured by invisible bugs from who knows where. You're under these huge and incredible beautiful sprawling trees, which makes the walk shady and mostly cool. The birds are all chatting back and forth, which makes for a pretty interesting soundtrack to your 30 minute walk in paradise. You cross over a couple bridges, stop and get yourself a 5 dollar rock solid ice cream sandwich, and you're there. There's the falls.
Now I was expecting some huge WOW factor incredible amazing take your breath away waterfall. This was not the case. It was just a waterfall. Don't get me wrong - it was absolutely beautiful! But after living so near to bridal veil...it just wasn't doin it for me. I suppose it was more about the journey than the destination on this trek.
So we saw the falls, and I least I can say that I've experienced it.
By the time we were back our place, everyone was partially delirious and exhausted, which clearly called for a nap. An hour and half later, we were all up and running again.
We headed up to the north shore and stopped at a fresh fruit stand because my dad wanted some sweet corn. Only in my family - I am telling you we have got our quirks.
- OH MY LANDS. This fruit stand...
Fresh pineapple? OH be still my soul. The way to my heart is through fresh pineapple. Money and cars are also nice. We bought a bag of fresh cut pineapple and mango for 6 dollars - meaning that someone is laughing all the way to the bank. "Stupid tourists will pay for fruit, what a diabolical plan"
Post euphoric pineapple, we went back to Laie for some college supplies and dinner. We got our supplies and then got some grub at a delicious home town restaurant, which I currently cannot remember the name of. Dinner was great, carbs were consumed, the whole thing.
Post dinner, we went to the dorm to drop off some of the items. We open the door to find...the roomie had moved her stuff in! I still haven't met her, but from the looks of it, she's going to be super nice. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be the big day - the anticipation is killing me!
Tomorrow is a big day - orientation and all that other junk, which means that tomorrow will be full of great stories to tell you all.
 (pictures when I'm not falling off of the cliff of sleep)
Don't do drugs and don't take any wooden nickels.

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