In case you guys were curious, it's the second to last Monday here on the island of O'ahu.
That means there are 10 days left, and I'm going to write on every single one of them.
Today was average. It was my last business class, and one of my last Art History classes. This means that I have only a couple more assignments until I'm home free. Let me lay it out for you

Econ class + quiz
Book of Mormon + 1 assignment

Art History + 2 quizzes

Econ class + quiz
Book of Mormon

No class - BEACH DAY
Econ group assignment due
Business assignment due
Art History paper due

General conference, treat blowout, stairway to heaven

Art History + quiz

Econ class + 1 quiz


Last day of Crossfit


Of course there's the occasional assignment that I forget about - sue me.
I'm sad to leave, but at the same time I'm excited to be home in familiar territory. I'm excited for conference - it will be weird to be away from home, but I know it will be a lot of fun. 
Send a couple prayers this way to help me through finals week (also to help with my flight anxiety)


Well, believe it or not, I only have 12 days left here on the island. Really. 12 days, and then I get to come home. Has it really been a semester already? It doesn't even feel real. This is the last "real" week of classes, and my last business class is tomorrow. Granted, the final for that class is online and takes 2 weeks to complete, BUT it's still the last real class tomorrow. I have mixed emotions on going home; on one hand, I'm excited to go home and be in familiar territory, but on the other, I have to leave paradise for purgatory. I can't avoid it, so there's no point in complaining about it.
I apologize for not being better about blogging while I've been over here. But, I'm here now, so that's what matters :)
These past couple weeks have been exciting and more of the same. We went on a hike called the Makapu'u Lighthouse trail, and it was beautiful! It's a must see - the views are incredible. A couple days before that, we went to the buddhist temple in the valley of the temples in Kaneohe - it's also beautiful. Everything here is just beautiful, ya feel me?
This past Saturday, the 22nd, was my 19th birthday. We spent it diving in a cage with sharks, eating, and sleeping. It started of at 8:30 in Haleiwa at the boat harbor. We took a 15 minute choppy boat ride out to a cage anchored 3 miles off the coast. The water was an incredible color blue - I never thought it would be so light and colorful. When we got out there, the boat tied up to the cage and we hopped in. They give you snorkeling gear, and I had my go pro, so it made for a great time. The water was warm, and there were 7/8 sharks around us the whole time. The cage is pretty large, so all of my friends and I were able to go in at the same time. It's made of metal bars and a section is covered with clear strong plastic. We were so close to them; it was so cool! There were only gallapagos sharks, so no violent ramming of the cage and no great whites. If you come to Hawaii, you have to do it! Go through Hawaiian Shark Encounters - you'll love it.
Post shark diving, we went to iHop in Kaneohe (kahn-ay-o-hay) and I had a nice stack of cinnastax pancakes, which is a birthday tradition in the Holdsworth family. We came back, took a sweet nap, and woke up to eat yet MORE food. We went to this delicious mexican place back in Haleiwa called Cholos, the first place I ate at with my parents on the North Shore. It was of course delicious, so if you come, go there. It was a great birthday, and I'm thankful that I was able to spend it on this beautiful island!
The next week consisted of school, until Wednesday. Big shout out to Prince Kuhio, because we got Wednesday off. My friend Erica was generous enough to drive Sam, Sarah, Matty, and I around on our day off. We went up to North Shore Tacos, which is about 15 minutes away from the campus by car. It's like a Hawaiian Cafe Rio or Costa Vida. We then made our way up to Lani Kai (lawnee kai) beach. It's apparently one of the most desirable beaches in the world, and it's easy to see why. The sand is SO soft, and the water is so blue and clear. I loved it. It's a must see if you come to the island. I should work for Hawaii, as much as I endorse and encourage these touristy places, sheesh.
So we played in the water and got some of our tan back, went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, had some cold stone ice cream, then came back to the campus. You'd be surprised how tired you can get from sitting on the beach all day.
Classes resumed on Thursday, and on Friday we made our way into Honolulu for Sarah's birthday. We stayed right off of Waikiki and shopped until we dropped. We ate at Cheesecake Factory for her birthday, which was so good it was sinful. I'm telling ya, you people back home better appreciate your cars and your delicious restaurants because I'm incredibly jealous. Anyways, we went back to the hotel, watched some late night tv. Living the college dream.
Saturday morning, we ate at this place called Mac 24/7. It's been featured on Man Vs. Food, and there's a good reason behind it. They serve these pancakes that are as large as a pizza. To make it even better, they bring you 3. It's insane. The four of us (Brooke, Sam, Sarah, and I) couldn't even finish it. It was SO GOOD. Go there if you come to O'ahu, too. (I could really make a whole travel plan for you, ay carumba).
We shopped some more (thank you Nordstrom), and made our way back to Laie. It was sunny and hot when we left Waikiki. When we got off the bus at the wrong stop in Laie, it was POURING rain. We were soaked through and through, and it was not a good day to wear white shirts. We finished the night by eating pizza and cinnastix - it was a great weekend, even if I did spend way too much money.
Today was the last "real" Sunday we had on campus. It was our last church meeting, which was minorly sad. Next Sunday is general conference, and I'm so so excited. We may or may not be going all out with treats and goodies... :) It's the small things, people.
We only have one weekend left. We have to make the most of it! I think we're going to do Stairway to Heaven (search the Haiku Stairs Hawaii and you'll understand) and I cannot wait. It's a major to do on my bucket list.
I'll sign off and write more later. Enjoy your sabbath and eat out for me.

brooke, me, sarah, sam

pistols in paradise :)

lighthouse trail

buddhist temple

Lani Kai beach

Red Velvet Cheesecake from the cheesecake factory 
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Howdy howdy howdy. Sorry about the absence - I was out fighting the crimes of evil and doing other heroic things.
Psych. I've been doing homework and literally nothing else.
I have exciting news: as of the 11th, I have one month left of school. Did you read that correctly? ONE MONTH LEFT OF SCHOOL PEOPLE. Then I get to journey home. EEEK.
So, I'm not excited to go home, but at the same time I am. I'm planning on working for the majority of the summer, which is something that I'm actually really looking forward to. I mean, my boss will be really hard on me and he'll be a real stickler, but I guess I'll survive. (PS my boss will be my dad, and anyone that knows him knows that I'm completely and totally joking. If you don't know him, just pretend and nod and smile.)
School is much the same. Wake up at 4:45, go to crossfit, come home, shower, wait around, go to the library, go to class, go back to the library, try to eat healthy, come home, sleep and repeat. I know, exciting is the right word for this. Helllllaaaa.
It's been pretty rainy here for the last couple weeks. I thought that it would be warm and sunny here 24/7, but as you know, I was wrong. It's been rainy for a lot of the time, which is to be expected as it is winter. This is the rainy season, but hey, a rainy day in Hawaii is better than a  sunny day anywhere else. The sun came out yesterday and the day before, which means I got some serious vitamin D and some serious beach time. I didn't even get sunburned - can you believe it? My skin got some color and my hair got a little bit lighter. A double whammy ya feel me.
One of my really good friends Sarah got her mission call to the Salt Lake City mission! She's from Virginia, so I think it will be a really good experience for her! She's going to love it - I cannot wait! I can't wait to secretly be at the same place that she is at ironically the same time...hehe. I'm hoping that when I go up to Utah to visit, I'll be able to take her out to lunch or just say hi! She's going to love it.
I really don't plan on spending a lot of time in Utah this summer, and I don't really feel to bad about it. I mostly just want to see my family. I've realized that while I've been gone, I have really nothing to come back to in Utah. I feel like I only have ties to a handful of friends, so I really have no reason to come up except for special occasions. My best friend will be going on her mission at some point, a good friend from high school is getting married, and another close friend is leaving on her mission as well. We'll see what happens, but I really don't know why I would spend time there. I guess I've grown out of the Utah phase of my life, and I'm ready for something bigger and better. I guess Prescott Arizona is the perfect place for that, ya feel me. (Sarcasm).

Well, enough of my boring college life.
I have like 45 bug bites, most of which I've received in the last 48 hours. I guess I need to get back to listening to weird people asking irrelevant questions in my econ class.

Don't do drugs and don't join a cartel.

Queen Anne

the girl to my left is engaged! eek!


Don’t tell me how rough the water is

 just bring the ship into shore


I apologize for the lack of posting my dear readers. Mid-terms and other school madness have forbidden me any time to write on my dear blog!
Where to begin. It's been almost a month since you've heard from me. Holy moly.
Well, my parents came and visited 2 weeks ago, and that was a blast of course. It was nice to have some familiarity out here on the island. I showed them some local places and accompanied them on all their touristy things, and best of all - I got to go shopping. Can you believe I made it this long without doing a big shopping haul? It was true desperation, I'm telling you. My parents were kind enough to take my roommates and I out to dinner at a little restaurant at Turtle Bay - it was so nice to have REAL food again. As much as I love the cafeterias repeated, mushy, tasteless food, it's nice to get out and have a taste of the real world. I even got to watch TV, can you believe it? My mom and I made cookies just to eat the cookie dough and now I've caught the cooking bug. All I want to do is make desserts, which isn't such a great idea seeing as I'm already nearing the freshman 15...what
It was really nice to have my parents here! You never really realize how much you appreciate your family until you're away from them.
Other than that, the days have kind of blurred together. It's been mildly rainy here, and a little on the cool side. The beach is always pleasant and classes are always unpleasant. The only class that is absolutely slaughtering me is Economics. If you ever happen to come to BYUH, take econ online. Trust me. I have a test coming up tomorrow, and I don't even know where to begin studying.
I dyed my hair, yet again, back to it's natural color. I know how much you all cared about that, so I'm happy to tell you. My perm is also going out, which I'm thanking my lucky stars for. NEVER GET A PERM. Listen to your mother when she tells you to stay away from them because they'll damage your hair. I'm telling ya, the older you get, the more right your parents are. LISTEN TO THEM.
My birthday is in 19 days, but who's counting? My friends and I are going shark diving off the North Shore and I cannot WAIT. I'm hoping to have a GoPro by that point in time so that I can show you what it's like. It's going to be awesome! The week after is my friend Sarah's birthday, so stay tuned for some sweet adventures comin your way!
I wish I had more interesting things to tell you guys! There's nothing really new here - it's a constant struggle between trying to eat healthy and making desserts and staying up really late or going to bed early. I'm telling ya, I have a hard life.

PS, there's only 5 weeks of school left.
But who's counting.

Queen Anne

if you like these rings, do a quick search for Woven Jewel. She goes to my school and makes the coolest jewelry! 

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sometimes you don't have bread and you just have to make due

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