Howdy howdy howdy. Sorry about the absence - I was out fighting the crimes of evil and doing other heroic things.
Psych. I've been doing homework and literally nothing else.
I have exciting news: as of the 11th, I have one month left of school. Did you read that correctly? ONE MONTH LEFT OF SCHOOL PEOPLE. Then I get to journey home. EEEK.
So, I'm not excited to go home, but at the same time I am. I'm planning on working for the majority of the summer, which is something that I'm actually really looking forward to. I mean, my boss will be really hard on me and he'll be a real stickler, but I guess I'll survive. (PS my boss will be my dad, and anyone that knows him knows that I'm completely and totally joking. If you don't know him, just pretend and nod and smile.)
School is much the same. Wake up at 4:45, go to crossfit, come home, shower, wait around, go to the library, go to class, go back to the library, try to eat healthy, come home, sleep and repeat. I know, exciting is the right word for this. Helllllaaaa.
It's been pretty rainy here for the last couple weeks. I thought that it would be warm and sunny here 24/7, but as you know, I was wrong. It's been rainy for a lot of the time, which is to be expected as it is winter. This is the rainy season, but hey, a rainy day in Hawaii is better than a  sunny day anywhere else. The sun came out yesterday and the day before, which means I got some serious vitamin D and some serious beach time. I didn't even get sunburned - can you believe it? My skin got some color and my hair got a little bit lighter. A double whammy ya feel me.
One of my really good friends Sarah got her mission call to the Salt Lake City mission! She's from Virginia, so I think it will be a really good experience for her! She's going to love it - I cannot wait! I can't wait to secretly be at the same place that she is at ironically the same time...hehe. I'm hoping that when I go up to Utah to visit, I'll be able to take her out to lunch or just say hi! She's going to love it.
I really don't plan on spending a lot of time in Utah this summer, and I don't really feel to bad about it. I mostly just want to see my family. I've realized that while I've been gone, I have really nothing to come back to in Utah. I feel like I only have ties to a handful of friends, so I really have no reason to come up except for special occasions. My best friend will be going on her mission at some point, a good friend from high school is getting married, and another close friend is leaving on her mission as well. We'll see what happens, but I really don't know why I would spend time there. I guess I've grown out of the Utah phase of my life, and I'm ready for something bigger and better. I guess Prescott Arizona is the perfect place for that, ya feel me. (Sarcasm).

Well, enough of my boring college life.
I have like 45 bug bites, most of which I've received in the last 48 hours. I guess I need to get back to listening to weird people asking irrelevant questions in my econ class.

Don't do drugs and don't join a cartel.

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