I apologize for the lack of posting my dear readers. Mid-terms and other school madness have forbidden me any time to write on my dear blog!
Where to begin. It's been almost a month since you've heard from me. Holy moly.
Well, my parents came and visited 2 weeks ago, and that was a blast of course. It was nice to have some familiarity out here on the island. I showed them some local places and accompanied them on all their touristy things, and best of all - I got to go shopping. Can you believe I made it this long without doing a big shopping haul? It was true desperation, I'm telling you. My parents were kind enough to take my roommates and I out to dinner at a little restaurant at Turtle Bay - it was so nice to have REAL food again. As much as I love the cafeterias repeated, mushy, tasteless food, it's nice to get out and have a taste of the real world. I even got to watch TV, can you believe it? My mom and I made cookies just to eat the cookie dough and now I've caught the cooking bug. All I want to do is make desserts, which isn't such a great idea seeing as I'm already nearing the freshman 15...what
It was really nice to have my parents here! You never really realize how much you appreciate your family until you're away from them.
Other than that, the days have kind of blurred together. It's been mildly rainy here, and a little on the cool side. The beach is always pleasant and classes are always unpleasant. The only class that is absolutely slaughtering me is Economics. If you ever happen to come to BYUH, take econ online. Trust me. I have a test coming up tomorrow, and I don't even know where to begin studying.
I dyed my hair, yet again, back to it's natural color. I know how much you all cared about that, so I'm happy to tell you. My perm is also going out, which I'm thanking my lucky stars for. NEVER GET A PERM. Listen to your mother when she tells you to stay away from them because they'll damage your hair. I'm telling ya, the older you get, the more right your parents are. LISTEN TO THEM.
My birthday is in 19 days, but who's counting? My friends and I are going shark diving off the North Shore and I cannot WAIT. I'm hoping to have a GoPro by that point in time so that I can show you what it's like. It's going to be awesome! The week after is my friend Sarah's birthday, so stay tuned for some sweet adventures comin your way!
I wish I had more interesting things to tell you guys! There's nothing really new here - it's a constant struggle between trying to eat healthy and making desserts and staying up really late or going to bed early. I'm telling ya, I have a hard life.

PS, there's only 5 weeks of school left.
But who's counting.

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if you like these rings, do a quick search for Woven Jewel. She goes to my school and makes the coolest jewelry! 

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