1 month. 8 days. 
Hawaii. Can you believe it? It's only 1 month and 8 days away. It literally feels like an eternity, but at the same time it's right around the corner. there's only 3 and a half weeks left of this semester, and that includes thanksgiving break. that means that I have 15 days left of school. That means that I have 15 days to not smash my head into my desk.  is that even possible? as miserable as it's been, it's gone by pretty fast. With that being said, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SEMESTER TO END. Not only will I never have to take these classes ever again, but I get to disappear into the sandy beaches of Oahu. I'll think of you all with your winter coats while I'm wearing shorts in the sunshine :)
the birth giver and I went to the Holy Cow Boutique, a Utah tradition. This is basically nirvana for each and every woman in the Utah Valley. It's overwhelming, but in a weirdly satisfying way. ANYWAYS. I found some cute sayings for my dorm, which means that the preparations for the move are underway. How I am going to get this stuff over there, I have no idea. But, it will get over there nonetheless. I have all of my shorts (all 6 pairs of them, none of which are byu dress code appropriate) piled in my suitcase, and the search for decent clothes is never ending. Who would think that buying shorts in the winter would be so hard? Finding clothes that won't get me in trouble is literally impossible, because all of the shorts and dresses that I find are only an inch above my kneecap, which I hear is a no no. If I can make it through this semester without getting busted, it will be a true miracle.
Meanwhile, I've been avoiding school work by writing extra long missionary emails and putting together packages for my favorite people. If you asked me if I've spent over 150 dollars on candy,shipping, and ties this month, I would lie and tell you no. 

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