I've come to an important decision today.
I'm dropping out of school, gaining 256.9 pounds, and living with my parents for the rest of my days. 

As much as I wish that would happen, obviously it can't. Just like every other college student, I'm overwhelmed, stressed, and pushed to my very limits. I'm avoiding my 10 page research paper like the plague, meaning that I just spent 20 minutes writing a missionary email, and now I'll spend 20 more minutes writing this post. Running from your problems is the fastest way to solve them, right?
4 more week. I can get through this. After all, next week is Thanksgiving, which means family and a heap of unhealthy food. WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR, M I RITE?
Why can't papers write themselves and grades stay at 100 and why can't I just fast forward 2 years to when all of my friends get home? lol wishful thinking. 

me eating my feelings (vanilla ice cream with nesquick)

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