life lately.

the first snow of the year has fallen, and i already loathe it. but when i think of where i'll be in a month and a half, it makes it just a little bit easier to bear. time is moving so fast - where has it gone?! all of my friends are leaving on their missions, meaning that i have probably 3 friends left. i'm not even being dramatic. i haven't been to my home ward in about 2 months, all because of missionary farewells. i'm not being dramatic about that either. i'm so proud of all these incredible young men and their decision to serve the lord - i'll miss them, but they'll be back before i even know it. just don't count on me getting married any time in the next 2 years. 
the egg - not so good in the snow

austin, mexico 

mike, honolulu

family bike rides down the canyon no buggy

tibble fork

american fork canyon

treston, washington dc

wyatt's mission call opening - taiwan

austin, guatemala 

if you ain't wheelie-in, you ain't ridin. 

merica, ya?

it seems as if my mouth has been replaced by hands

finally a normal picture of me 

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