It's really quite irksome when I write a humongous hilarious post on my phone and all of sudden it decides to cease existing. AH YES MY FAVORITE.
While many of you are celebrating your new years with your homies at parties or by doing something insanely fun, I am celebrating by doing nothing but writing a beautiful blog post for all my avid readers. Yes, the all exciting nothing on new years eve. I guess nothing doesn't really count, because I'm sitting in a chair, I'm breathing/blinking/typing/living/thinking/being so cool it hurts. But yes, no wild parties for me. This makes a good...18 years in a row? Don't want to break any traditions.

Today was dorm day. And by dorm day I mean unpacking my whole life out of two 60 pound suitcases into a room about the size of a closet. This is not an exaggeration. Let me paint a picture for you.
Welcome to Hale (ha-lay; dorm) 3, room 101B. The door is a pale lavender color, something which may have been cute but has faded so much that you can't really tell. Insert key into the slot, and you're inside. That thing that's blocking the door from opening all the way? That would be my bed, my new throne from which I will rule the school. Behind the door is a small nightstand, the same shade of weird lavender as the door. To your right is a big lavender metal box; this is now my closet. It looks like a locker, but don't get too excited. It's not. Next to the locker lookalike is another smaller lavender metal box. This is now my desk and extra closet space. On the other side of that is the roomies metal desk. Look to the left, at the foot of my bed, and there's the roomies closet. Against the far wall is another bed, this would also be the roomies. If you take a gander at the left wall, you'll see that the upper portion is covered in cork board, on which is a weird lavender color guard. This is where the decorations go. Below the cork board is my bed, which we've already covered.

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Yeah it's tiny, yeah the carpet is basically concrete, yeah the purple color is something out of a nightmare, yeah it doesn't smell very good, yeah the walls are dirty, yeah it'll be a huge adjustment, yeah everything is metal. But ya wanna know something? I'M ECSTATIC. This is going to be the best semester ever.

Setting up my new life took about an hour. There's still a lot to be done, but I think it's coming together nicely. The walls need some decorating, and I need to throw down on an air freshener asap - overall it just needs some good Annie magic. I decided to wait on hanging up the Queen Anne banner in fear that the roomie would judge me before she even got to lay her eyes upon my beauty.

Roomie is still MIA. I haven't met her, and apparently she hasn't even checked in yet. Maybe she's got 3 eyes, weighs 593 pounds, and only bathes in soy sauce. Maybe she's part Egyptian and only speaks in hieroglyphs. Maybe she wears shirts on her legs and pants on her arms. Maybe she's amish. All I know as of right now, 6:09 on December the 31st, is that her name is Cynthia and she's from California. I'm really REALLY hoping we get along, because the campus is not big enough for two crowns, ya feel me?

After the great dorm was basically finished, we headed up to the north shore. We had some delicious lunch at a Mexican joint named Cholo's, then meandered up to the beach. It was sunny today, which was mucho excelente and also mucho caliente. It's so weird to me that it's the end of December and it's over 80 degrees. Ay carumba. We indulged on some post-beach treats at a rad place called Ted's Bakery. We had some chocolate custard cream pie that was absolutely unreal. If you're ever in the North Shore, that's the place to go.

Don't do drugs - don't kiss people tonight.
Queen Anne

my cutie bed

my cutie metal desk

my (lacking) cutie wall decorations

my cutie night stand

my cutie locker closet

my cutie hat that I couldn't resist sharing 
Laie lookout/point/sweet view 
my sweet mother

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