Well - the plane didn't crash and I made it safely to the island of Oahu. I feel like that lame college student that's blogging about her lame college life BUT WHATEVER.
The 6 hour flight was only minorly (not a word) brutal. Here were my first world problems.
     -My seat was up against a divider, meaning that the seats wouldn't recline. No reclining on my flight to Hawaii? Be still my soul - I almost had to refuse the flight because this was just unacceptable for someone of my royalty and stature. (pure sarcasm, people)
     -I was crammed up against the wall with a semi-awful window view. I had to lean forward a whole 33 degrees to get a full few out of the plane. I'm suing for back stress.
     -I fear turbulence and also flying over water. It's a fear that's just come upon me recently - I fear falling out of my sky into a watery grave, even though when you crash in a plane, you're basically dead over land or sea. But turbulence is enough to make my chest constrict and my palms sweat enough to fill several gallons of water (not the kind you'd want to drink)

BUT first world problems and all, we made it. Guys, this place in inrediblé. That's fancy for incredible, but I think you're smart enough to figure that out. It's so green and lush - like something from a fantasy. It's paradise here, and I'm blessed to be able to grace the island with my presence (sarcasm again).

The north shore is phenomenal right now. BYU is about 30-45 minutes away, which is unfortunate. The surf is HUGE, which is something the north shore is known for. The triple crown surfing competition just ended about a week and half ago, and I'm pretty bummed that I missed it. You wouldn't believe the huge waves - I'll try to get some pictures when I get back there later this week.

Since we've been here for approximately 30 hours, we've done approximately 3 things. One of those was going to BYU today for the great and incredible and oh so exciting first campus visit. I got to get my arm poked for my TB test, and...I got to see my new dorm! It's about the size of a shoebox, but I absolutely LOVE IT. I haven't met my roommate yet - I get to do that tomorrow. I hope she feels honored sharing a room with the queen (do I have to keep pointing out the sarcasm or do you understand it now?) Following the dorm tour, we trekked to Target and Costco and spent a shameful amount of money on dorm furnishings. You betcha I'm going first thing in the morning to set it up and you betcha it's gonna be the best dorm room on the whole campus.

I'll finish here and let you gaze in wonder at these incredible professional pictures that I have.
Don't do drugs - hang loose.

Queen Anne.

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