Seeing as I need to catch up on my posts, I'll write again although I published that last one .98 seconds ago.
Today was the first day of the new ward, and also saying goodbye to my parents. It was a little bit harder than I thought it was going to be, but it turned out to be alright. I said goodbye, came back to shower, then headed off to church with the roommate. We have our church in a chapel inside of a school building. Pretty gnarly right? It was way good - the bishop is incredible and the ward is all really nice. It's all single adults from the surrounding area. It's going to be a great ward, I can already tell. It was testimony meeting, so I went up there and blew them all away with my incredible spirituality. Just kidding, but I really did bear my testimony. Take that satan.
Post church, I changed into my honor code breaking swimsuit and headed to the beach with my friend Jaeden from Canada. He's super super nice, and it was a good time. I didn't even get that sunburned. "Is that a beached whale?" "Nah, that's just Annie in her swimsuit" Actual quote.
Just kidding. No one said that. I'd murder them.
We stayed at the beach for about an hour or so, then came back and chilled. Sundays around here are so relaxed, it's unreal. Nowhere to go, nothing to do - it's awesome.
We had a presidents fireside at 5, which was of course good. He talked about journeys in the scriptures, and how each of us are on our own journey here at the university. He's a rad guy, and his wife is super nice. (Can I get paid now or what?)
There were some good treats after, and then I just hung out with friends. Now I'm back to my good ol' springy metal bed. Home sweet home baby.
I went a whole day without getting in trouble by the RA. Can you believe it?
My writing skills are a little lacking because this is the latest I've stayed up since I've been here, so forgive me.

Don't do drugs - appreciate your soft feather beds while I bounce on this spring box.

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