Well friends, it's Sunday. And that means blog writing and sleeping.
Yesterday was the first day I was able to get out of Laie and I don't mind telling you that it was incrediblé. My thirst for a car is renewed and I am now convinced that it's required to have a good college experience.

We started the day off bright and early by taking the 45 minute drive to Hanauma bay, which is a relatively popular snorkeling location on the island. There's a coral reef very close to shore, which means that there are plenty of tropical fish and cool sights. The water was warmish (once you took the plunge and got used to it) and it was SO clear. We got in free because we are so beautiful (but mostly because we had our university ID cards, which also has its perks). We snorkeled there for about an hour, then went down into Waikiki.

Now, don't get me wrong. Waikiki is awesome. BUT if you do decide to come to Oahu, please please PLEASE don't spend your whole vacation there. It's not the real feel of Hawaii. It's basically like Miami, but a little less crowded. It's just like the mainland, and that's where the majority of the tourists go when they come to the islands. It's nice to spend one day, maybe 4 hours there. But after that...it's best to go up to the North Shore. There's a lot of designer shops, and a lot of cheap generic t shirt stores as well. The beach is nice, but compared to the north shore..well it doesn't even compare.

Post shopping madness, we went down to Chinatown, about 15 minutes away. It's the Chinese new year, so there was a celebration downtown. There were lots of cool little boths and a lot of traditional food. It was really kind of sketchy, but also really fun at the same time. Yikes.

We drove home after that, and we were happy to be back. We are all SO tired and hungry. I showered and the other girls ate, and then we drove up to the North Shore to Turtle Bay. We walked around and did a little shopping, then made our way back to the campus.

It was really such a fun day! The weekends around here are much more exciting when there is a vehicle involved, so I need to work on my friendship skills and try to mooch of someone. I'M JOKING. But I am taking donations for the "Annie Car Fund" if you'd like to donate.

Enjoy some photos of the snorkeling. Ps, if you ever decide to go underwater for anything and want to take pictures with your phone, a life proof case is the way to go.

Stay tuned for a really cool video that's being super temperamental at the moment.

fact: yogurt land is a good place to stop for lunch when you're starving

duke on Waikiki

so cheesy

jenelle and i being the pro divers we are

hanauma bay 

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