Being the deep thinking college student that I am, I was thinking some deep thoughts this morning before my 10 o'clock nap. This has nothing to do with being in Hawaii, so if that's what you're looking for, please close this page and go read the news or shop or something.

A lot of people are satisfied with mediocrity. We have glamorized being unproductive and we have glamorized self ridicule. It's become funny and normal to talk about how lame we are, or how ugly/dumb/not fashionable/lazy/fat we are. It's become cool to hate things and be negative about everything that we don't like. I'm not saying that we can't think these things; we just shouldn't talk about them so much.

Never settle for mediocrity. You have so much potential, no matter how old you are. You are here to become the best version of yourself that you can be, and laying in bed all day on your computer is not going to help you reach your highest potential. Loafing around on the couch and wishing you were doing something better is not going to make you a better person. Do not settle for anything like that.

I've noticed that I've fallen into this cycle of self depreciating comments and negative thoughts. Not awful and hateful things, but sarcastic negative comments. I don't even notice that I do it, and I've noticed that my friends do it as well. We all talk about how we could never get boyfriends, or how we could never even get boys to like us. We talk about how we don't have any friends and how lame we are. Of course it's all a joke - but we do it so often that now it's starting to make an impression on me. You attract what you put out there, ya know? This is doing nothing for us.

How often do we post about how awful something is, or how much we hate what we're doing? Have you noticed that on social media sites, the majority of the statuses that are posted are negative? Look back and ask yourself, Am I the one posting negative comments? We're either ridiculing ourselves or complaining about what someone else has done. Are you understanding what I'm saying? Posting about every little thing on social media won't make your situation better, and it won't make you any happier. I realize that is what I'm doing right now, but this is my blog and I do what I WANT GOSH DANGIT.

Why isn't it cool to be positive and happy? Why isn't it cool for everyone to just say nice and genuine things all the time? Shouldn't the ONLY things coming out of our mouths be happy and upbeat and a pleasure for everyone to hear? The weirdest thing about being in college and being on your own, is that you can make the conscious decision to hang out with someone or not. You're never forced to be around anyone. You can either see someone all day every day, or you can not see them for a week. How awesome is that? That means that you can surround yourself with whatever you choose to surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with negativity, that's what you'll attract. Tell me, do you enjoy being around others that only ridicule you and others? No, of course not. Don't be that person, either. Don't be the person that constantly criticizes others and has nothing but negative things to say. Be the person that people long to be around. Be the person that when people see you, they only think nice things about you.

I encourage you to love yourself. Love your quirks and your flaws, and your stupid mistakes. Love your hair and your body, even if you think that someone else's is better. The way to love someone else is to love yourself. Wake up really early and go for a walk and just listen to the quiet. Write a list of the things that you love about yourself and keep it in a place you can see it. Wake up in the morning and smile even if you're groaning about waking up. Listen to your favorite music and do your favorite things each day. Just try a little harder each day to be a little better and a little happier. I know I'm going to put forth an effort to be more positive and I know that it will make a difference in each day.

Don't do drugs and don't put any forks in any electrical sockets.
Queen Anne

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