I wish that I had regularly exciting things that regularly happened to me so that I could regularly tell  you about them on a regular basis. But, it's just more of the same sweet college life.
Friday there was a dance for the Chinese new year, which was a great party blahblahblah. There was a post dance bonfire, which there almost always is, meaning that I got in really late and took a really late shower. Saturday was another beach day - we were literally at the beach from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. Pretty tough, right? The weirdest thing about being out in the sun so much is that I haven't suffered from any awful sunburns. Yeah, I've been burned, but nothing that's unbearable or that makes me want to cry for 394 hours a day.
Sunday was church, which was ordinary. Then there was a delightful 3 hour nap before visiting teaching, then a fireside.
I'm tellin ya, having a car is the way to go out here. My plan is the following: intern for my dad at his office this summer. Save up a ton o money. Ship the egg over to Hawaii. Have car to drive around and waste gas. Logical, right?
laie point - 5 minutes from campus

view from the point

more point action

i bought a penny board and i really don't know why i did that to myself

a chocolate shake from 7 brothers, aka heaven

underwater cases are the bomb

not much, but still pretty beautiful


sarah, sam, me, jenelle.

a picture of the gilbert temple that my mom sent me - incredible

sam, me, lindsey - the roommates, minus one

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