Saturday. The day between Friday and Sunday. The second to last day to the week. The name of Kate Spade's new clothing line - which is adorable by the way and I want of everything they have to offer. Saturday Night Live comes on tonight. Saturday day was named after saturn - it's Sæternes dæge in old english. 

Today is my last Saturday on the island. I have 5 days left. How did that even happen?
Today was also general conference. It was delightful and I loved every minute of it. (You can learn more about it here.) Post conference, I headed down to the beach with my good friend Brooke. It was one of the last real beach days, and I'm pretty sad about it. I'm also excited to come home, although I know after 3 days I'll be ready to come back. 

In 6 hours I'll be leaving to go hike up the side of a mountain on some stairs. Yeah, at 1 in the morning I'll be leaving to do something that I've wanted to do since I got here. I'm going with some friends, and it's going to be INCREDIBLE. I'm incredibly excited and also a little bit nervous. But it will be great, I know it. 

I've been doing online shopping lately (because that's the only kind of shopping that I can do at the moment..) and there are so many things that I'm determined to buy after I start work. So what if some of these items are ridiculously priced. And so what if I want stars and stripes converse. SO WHAT.

I'm getting ready to drink my first red bull and I'm not looking forward to it. 

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