Alright, I missed a day. Sue me.
Today is Friday. My last Friday on the island, if I'm being more precise. I took an exam today, and did not as well as I had hoped but better than the previous. Economics is killer, I am telling you. Never take it until someone forces you to. Which was the case.
I also spent a good portion of today packing and organizing my various little doodads and junk. Ya know the stuff that you're not really sure how you accumulated, but there's a lot of it hiding in your drawers and under desks and behind beds. I have two flat rate boxes that are currently staring at me waiting to be shipped back to the mainland. I'm also putting off homework that I know that I need to do, but hey - what are Saturdays for.
EXCEPT this Saturday is for hiking stairway to heaven, aka, the haiku stairs. Yes I may have to wake up at like 1 in the morning to drive to Kaneohe, and yes it may be 4,000 stairs up the side of the mountain, and YES it is maybe not the most legal thing to do, BUT it will be an adventure and we'll be among the majority of the campus that's done it. There will be some good pictures and a good video to go along with it, I assure you. But more on that tomorrow.
If you don't want to read a serious blog post, I encourage you to stop reading right here and go get some ice cream.

I would like to go into something that I've been thinking about lately. Deep collegiate thoughts, ya know?
I was thinking about what I wanted to become/do/go into while in college, and what I wanted to achieve with that. I'm getting my bachelors in marketing (for now), and I hope to go on to Law School.
My reasoning for being a lawyer has always been very clear to me. I want to prove that I, a woman, can be a dominating and successful business owner. I never want to have to depend on someone else to take care of me - EVER. I want to be able to go out and do whatever I want with MY money. I also refuse to fully support someone. How does that make sense? Well, I don't want a deadbeat husband that won't work because I have a career. I refuse to support someone who won't put work in as well. I don't want to have to wait on someone else to go out and do what I am perfectly capable of doing. I don't want to be restricted in any way. I'll be able to live where I want, drive the car I want, and do what I want, when I want. I refuse to depend on anyone other than myself for as long as I possibly can. (Except in college - thanks parents, you're the bomb:)
This brings me to another rant - bossy vs. assertive.
I want to be successful and have a strong business, I'm bossy - because I'm a woman.
A man wants to be successful and have a strong business, he's assertive and gets the job done.
Well, I guess I'm bossy then. But everyone already knew that long before this blog post :)

Enjoy your friday night my friends.
Don't join a drug cartel.

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