Wednesday. Hump day. 2 days down, 4 days ahead of ya. The day between Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesdei for all of you old english folk. Mercury's day for all of you other worldy beings.

Wednesday. OH Wednesday.

I had 1 class today. 1 class that started at 3:40 in the afternoon. Sure, I could have spent my whole afternoon at the beach soaking up some rays, but sometimes you realize that you have a 5 page research paper due when you walk in to class at 3:40. Sometimes it takes you 3 hours to write/annotate/cite/research, and you walk out of the library with just enough time to eat 2 bowls of sugary cereal and scamper off to class. Could I have spent my morning at the beach? Yeah, if I wanted to fail and crash and burn. Also it was cloudy and windy, which isn't surprising in the least.

I did go to the temple today, and it was wonderful as always. This temple is SO beautiful. Me gusta mucho. I only have 8 days left to enjoy it. How crazy is that?

I should be studying, but I just am not feelin it. I told my roommate I'd be in bed by 10, and it's currently 9:40. I should be washing my face. BUT no.

Just kidding. I'm going to go to bed like the good child that I am.
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