Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday.  The day of the week after Monday, but before Wednesday. It gets its name from the day of Tiw, who was the God of single combat and victory in Norse mythology. It's somehow related to the planet Mars, insert more information on Tuesday here.
Tuesdays are uneventful; they're close to the middle of the week, but too close the beginning.
Today was a good Tuesday, simply because today was the LAST day I EVER had to go to economics.   Did I know this when I went to class? No. Was I pleasantly surprised? Yes. Do I still have several hours of homework, an exam on Friday, and a project due on Monday? Oh you betcha.
Today Tuesday was a good day. There was maybe a little tsunami warning and maybe a little bit of wind and rain, but what of it? Today I got my ecclesiastical endorsement, and I also got a blessing. I feel ten times better about so many things.

I love this gospel, and I love this university. I love my bishop - he is such a great guy! I love my friends that are worthy priesthood holders and I love that I'm surrounded by such great people. I'm thankful for the opportunity to come to this blessed island and have the experiences that I've had. I'm thankful that I am able to get an education, although I may complain about it 23 out of the 24 hours in a day. I'm thankful for my great parents and their ability to send me out here. I'm thankful for the great friends that have supported me and wait for me back home. I'm thankful for the ability to overcome fears.

By the way, does anyone know the symptoms of being fergalicious? Because I think I'm coming down with it.

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