a little advice and everything else.

you should never have to apologize for who you are or what you're into.
you're into wearing leather pants covered in zippers? awesome. 
you're into wearing rings on each finger and having 30 piercings in your ear? sweet.
you're into staying home instead of going to that party that everyone has been talking about? excellent.
you're into wearing shorts that others think are "too short"? that's excellent. because tell me - how does it effect others by what I wear? how does the length of my shorts make your life any worse? 
we really shouldn't have to change for anyone.
buy what you want, wear what you want, listen to the kind of music you want. be a leader, not a follower. 

don't sacrifice your standards to be "cool" or "popular". because let me tell you a little secret:
none of it matters after high school.
it's funny, because after you graduate, you're not obligated to hang out with anyone. you don't have to worry about hurting someone's feelings because you're not with them all the time; your best friends will be there for you and the others will be gone. you're not roped into going to that party on saturday night - because no one will even notice that you didn't show up. i'll warn you that people tend to forget about others rather quickly; sometimes that's a good thing. 
once you get to college, no one is going to know who you were in high school, or how you dated the most popular boy for 7 months. no one is going to care, if we're being honest. when you graduate, it's all about growing up. you make some huge steps in your life; moving out, starting your own life, and actually thinking seriously about your future. sure the memories are going to be fun to look back on, but do you really want to remember how you lowered your standards to get a boy or girl to look at you?
aparently it's cool to be "down" right now. don't ask me what that means because i clearly have no idea. "if you don't wanna make out tonight, you aren't down." 
uh what? sorry i don't want to swap spit with a lowlife like you.  my bad. 
-please don't get offended at any of this, because it's clearly my opinion and you don't have to share it.-
anyways. more advice. 
don't only talk to people when you need something from them. i'm sure we've all been in that situation; you haven't talked to someone in a really long time, and suddenly they send you a text.
them - "hey! it's been a while, how are you?"
you - uh what the freak "i'm good how are you?!"
them - "so good! hey, could you do me a favor? -proceeds to explain some long favor that you probably can't even do anyway-
so. lame. 
so don't do it. boom problem solved.
but always be willing to help someone when they genuinely need it. 

go on adventures.
go into stores you wouldn't normally shop at.
explore where you live.
reach out to those who may not have as many friends as you do. 
be friendly.
forgive others when they do freaking stupid things. 
don't let the negativity get to you. ALWAYS have a positive outlook.
text that person first. just do it. you're not as annoying as you think you are.

i think my biggest piece of advice for high schoolers is don't date someone steadily until you're AT LEAST a senior. only being in one relationship seriously limits the opportunities that come your way during the year. please make sure you date a ton of different people. you probably won't get this until you're graduated; but trust me. i know what i'm talking about. if you feel like you have to date someone, make sure that they actually love YOU, not what you can give them. do not let anyone take advantage of you. the words "i love you" can basically make you do anything, so make sure the person you're dating won't use that to manipulate you. find someone that loves all of your little quirks and memorizes the little things about you. and make sure you find someone with your same standards or above. but above all, don't change to make someone else like you. because what's gonna happen when you let your guard down?

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