College starts in a week. 7 days from tomorrow. That's when the rest of my life starts. 
Okay well technically the rest of my life starts in the next minute, second, millisecond. But you catch my drift, you blog reader. 
I'm attending uvu, and frankly I'm not happy about it. Let me weave a tale for you. 
I got accepted to the University of Utah, the only school that I had applied to. All was going well, until housing. I was going to get an apartment up at city creek; I was so excited to have my own stylish, chic apartment. As time to register got closer, we continued to drag our feet on every aspect of the transition. I had no motivation to attend orientation, and it just didn't feel right. My parents expressed their same opinion, and in a meeting with my bishop, he shared the thought that he didn't think that the U would be right for me. 
So about 3 weeks ago, I applied to uvu, got accepted in the next 24 hours, and started planning my education. I'm living at home (what I said I would never do) and going to the college that I swore up and down that I would never attend. Now don't get me wrong, uvu is a GREAT school. It's a close quality education for a reasonable price. It's just not permanent for me. I don't plan on completing my education there; one year at most. My application is being reviewed by BYU Hawaii for the winter semester, so I guess we shall see where that goes.
I'm excited to start this new chapter, but then again I am not. This is actually growing up; everyone is getting older and we're all going separate directions. I plan on majoring on either English or marketing; English goes basically nowhere after you graduate, and my uncle suggested marketing over lunch. That is truly something I have never considered, and the consensus seems to be that it would be a great match for me. But for now, I'll just take English, astronomy, philosophy, and math and ponder the true meaning of life. 

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