happy hump day errybudy.
I'm writing this because a, I haven't written in a bit, and b, I'm trying to avoid homework. Clever, aren't I?
Where to begin..
Friday and Saturday were uneventful. Every weekend, and really almost every evening for that matter, there's a bonfire down at Hukilau beach, which is like a 10 minute walk from campus. They're rad because no one cares at all, and you can totally be yourself. It's sweet.
*I just heard that the waves at the north shore are legendary today - 40-50 feet. Now I'm contemplating ditching class to go up there. WHY
Anyway, we went to a bonfire on Friday night, and it was so chill. That's what Hawaii is all about - chill people and chill vibes. I love it here people.
Saturday, a big group of us went up to Laie falls, which is about a 6 mile roundtrip hike 10 minutes away from campus. It's beautiful, and very very muddy. You follow a gnarly trail up the mountain, and try to get to the falls without falling off of the mountain or dying from heat. The falls vary on the rainfall - they can either be way big or just a trickle. Unfortunately, we received the latter. It wasn't very spectacular, so it felt like the hike was completely worthless. But it really was beautiful, and the views were unreal. It was nice to spend time with some of my closest friends, so in a sense it was worth it.
Post hike, we went to the beach and fried some more. My friends Jenelle and Mariah were with me, and we could hardly move because our feet hurt SO bad. We slept on the beach and were out for a good long time. Saturday night we turned in early, which is very unusual for us.
Sunday I went to my new ward, which was great - and then loafed around as per usual Sunday action. Sunday night, J and M and I went to the Samoan gospel forum, because we joined the Samoan chapter here on campus. It's honestly one of the funnest things I've ever done. And I'm the darkest one there.
I transferred dorms! I was in the older Hale 3, which, as I'm sure you saw, were awful. I'm now in Hale 7, which is a brand spankin new dorm building. It's luxurious. I went from the ghetto to the Hamptons in a few short days. I transferred because I was given the opportunity, and of course I took it. It had nothing to do with my roommate, so don't think that! I have 3 roommates now instead of 1, and they are SO FUNNY. Sam, from Provo. Claire, from California. Lindsey, from Oklahoma. It's so so fun, and it's a constant party. I moved in on Monday, and the fun is only starting.
Other than that, school is school, and I want to just drop out and live on campus with all the perks but none of the schooling.
Guys I have literally gained so much weight since being here. A caf that's open all day with unlimited entries? It's so good and so bad. Will I return as Annie or as a flesh covered bowling ball? Only time will tell.
A property on the way to the falls - No even ask for coconuts

Me and my girl jenelle 

jenelle, me, mariah

on this episode of hot dogs or legs

showing my gangsta side with some ghetto cornrows that jenelle provided

a 6 mile hike for this 

a girl named jenna does henna holla

the unreal acai bowl from seven brothers

seven brothers - the best place to inhale calories

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